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Concilium® Management Consultants

concilium® is a German HR recruiting agency with affiliates and partners all over Europe and in the United States. concilium® Management Consulting & Career Counselling focusses on the following industry sectors:
Any industry:
Executive Search
Direct Search
We are proud to count some of the best-known industry names in IT among our customers entrusting us with the recruitment of highly qualified staff in a wide range of job positions.

Attendances for applicants

Application Documents

Distinguish from other applicants!

How do I distinguish between other applicants? What can I do to get into short list? Do you know todays trends? Which articles are important? We are compiling your whole documents with strategic focus.
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CV Translation

We translate your CV.

You need your curriculum vitae in German language? We translate it into the “original language” by a native speaker, who was working in the IT for many years and who understands your career.
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Resume Check

Let your application documents be built up correctly!

Are your application documents built up correctly for today's standards? We analyse your documents and you get the results in short time with our constructive remarks.
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Personnality Profile

Perceive your preferences with our personal analysis!

Recognize your preferences or those of your employees. Giving a better understanding of you 10-15 minutes to results which are based on science little Lie knowledge.
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Employer Evaluation

Judge your employer and encourage prospective applicants.

Judge your current and your former employer regarding activity, leadership and his performances. Also judge the application process. How long has it lasted until a reaction came? You help themselves and others with that at future applications.
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